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Taking a long swig of water from his canteen the Kargani regards the
Kralorean weapon as it flashes brilliantly in the morning sun. It
seems as if he had owned the Seven Dragon Blade for an eternity, yet
it had been in his possession for but a season, two at most.
Strangely he could not imagine wielding any other weapon now, but why
should he, it was flawless.

To most the sinister looking weapon was perhaps some nightmare
instrument of torture but to his mind it could not a faulted, a
perfect union of sword, spear, staff and trident. Having the poking
and snaring capabilities of the trident, the ripping, slicing, and
thrusting ability of the bladed spear, the cutting of the sword, the
block and strike hit of a staff, and pull slice of a hook sword.

Running a blistered hand down a blade edge he follows each twist and
bifurcation, touching every razor sharp point in turn. Musing how
such a weapon would be forged he tries, for perhaps the thousandth
time, to discern the strange runes carved deep into the ebony and
ivory that run the length of the haft.

None the wiser he snorts, concentration returning to the present for
the moment he feels the pain return, the blisters were like needles
and the puss stank like month old animal guts. Feeling the sun
burning his pox marked skin Aelfwyrd thinks about today's training
with Yrsga and Korol; it should be started before the heat becomes
unbearable. Going without food and sleep was one thing, missing a day
training ritual was an affront to the Lord himself!

With an absent smile he remembers his own harsh training, when his
was still Tresdarnii. Yet his mind drifts from Broddi Clapsaddle and
settles instead on the words of the diminutive sensei, and his
strange eastern teachings;

"Harmonising oneself in action" and to "wield the weapon: not to
control the enemy, but to control myself" and of "posture, movement,
grip, and swing" and to "cut away unneeded movement so combat becomes
all out attack; simple and direct and granting immediate counter to
surprise or ambush"

Tracing a finger over flat of the blade he touches the intricate
etching of Korgatsu, The Mountain Dragon and with furrowed brow he
recalls the lesson;

"Each blade a dragon, each dragon a name;

Tarn Gat Ha, The Heavenly Dragon,
Thrunhin Da, The Ancient Water Dragon,
Heen Maroun, The Storm Dragon,
Han Soo, The Blazing Sun Dragon,
Korgatsu, The Mountain Dragon,
Sekever, The Night Dragon,
Imin Long, The Oracle Dragon

Each blade part of the weapon, each dragon part of the whole;

Un Lo, The Cosmic Dragon"

The meaning of the lesson was still lost on him.
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