Abul, adopted son of Jamal al'Kathoum, aka Kovis Lost Son


Timeline summary

1605: born
1610: parents killed. Young Kovis is old enough to run.
with father's family, Pelandan
1613: home raided by Jamal
Jamal's adopted son, brought up Carmanian from now on.
1615: Jamal's home is destroyed, they both flee
1617: Arrival in Nochet, meet and join the Legion (Seventh Cohort)
1619: Legion hired to defend Whitewall. Third Cohort destroyed, Legion instrumental in defense against the Bat.
1620: still at WW
1621: game time : Initiation to Hereward during HQ made to kill Oilamey on the Godsplane, killed by darkness demons

1605 - 1613: Pelandan (8 years)
1613 - 1621: Carmanian (8 years)
1617 - 1621: with the Legion (4 years) - late 1619 to early 1621 at Whitewall

Abul’s description:

Abul is a teenager, smaller than average, light-framed, thin and agile, not very muscular but quite fast.
His skin has tanned under the Praxian sun and he’s got black curly hair with the beginning of thick black hair on his chest, quite typical of the Pelandan stock, but also deep dark eyes with long lashes that give to his glance a quite feminine or childish beauty more identified by the connoisseurs as Spolite-like, but the hard and stern fold of his mouth comes strictly from his harsh Carmanian education. He has begun to shave a beard which is promising to grow thick and fast in the future.


Homeland: Pelandan 13
Sings Like his Father 18
Pelandan Customs
Speak Pelandan
Appreciate Art
Urban Survival Skills
Wrestling 17

Homeland: Carmanian 17
Carmanian Customs 18
Speak Carmanian
Command Social Inferiors
Geography of Carmania
Honorable 20
Uncompromising 1W
Sword and Shield Combat
Hide Emotion (like a real spolite) 2W
Knowledge of Carmanian Mythology
Read & Write Carmanian

Carmanian Pantheon Keyword 17
Know Myths of Carmanian Pantheon
Worship Carmanian Pantheon
Honest 18
Divine Aid

Occupation: Servant/Squire 17
Care for Horse
Care for Weapons and Armour
Anticipate Master's Requests
Praise Master

Occupation: Messenger (similar to Scout but less combat-oriented) 17
Camouflage self 1W
Keen Senses
Move under Cover
Ride 1W
Speak Trade Tongue
Has heard Many Genertelan Tongues

Occupation: Carmanian Hazar (Heavy Cavalry) 17
Hazar Sword Combat
Mounted Combat
Traditional Sword Path to Solace 18
Tutored by Lady Jakkanna the Spolite
Trained by Daine the Carmanian, mercenaries Hum'akti chief of Duke Raus

Occupation: Legionnaire 17
Mythology of Humakt and Hereward
Identify Foe
Know Lunar Tactics
Make Camp
Scan for Danger
Stand Guard
Shield Wall Mass Combat
Swear like a Soldier
Sword and Shield Fighting
Knowledge of Legion Customs and History
Brave 20
Loyal to Legion 20
Awe for Illig 5W

Occupation: Spy 20
Assess Military Capability
Careful phrasing
Fade into Background
Good Memory 1W
Put two and two Together
Recognize Pattern
Silent Movements
Spot Discrepancy
Under Dorinda's Command

Magical: Common Magic 17
From Abul's Pelandan Childhood:
Pelandan Feat: Know Way Home 1W The place where you live and get comfortable routines, at least you need 3 weeks to catch a routine.
Pelandan Talent: Resist Fear 5W
From Abul's Youth in Carmania:
Carmanian Feat: Light in Dark (Idovanus Blessing) 20
Carmanian Charm: Fix Tool
From Travels Before Joining the Legion:
Tarshite Talent: Make Fire
Tarshite Talent: Wake Up for Danger
From Various Assignments with the Legion in Maniria:
Imarja's Talent: Stay Awake
Praxian Charm: Slave-making Grip

Magical: Hereward/Herw'Ard Herocult 17
Physical Ability: Resist Cold
Mental Ability: Recognize Lie 18
Magical ability: Heroquest Vision 6
Personality: Suspicious
Affinity: Truewind (but no feat at this stage) 18

Magical: Heroquested Feats
Speak truth 14
Taste Lie 15

Legion's Wyters blessings
Ashar (Legion) (Recognise Preparation For Attack, Illuminate Darkness, Unbreakable Weapon) 18
Braveheart (Cohort) (Face Horror) 6W

Physical Characteristics

Smaller than average 13
Thin 13
Agile 20
Fast 20
Childish Beauty 13
Stern-folded Mouth 17
Bass Voice 17

Other abilities

Defender of Whitewall 17
"Didn't even flee from the Bat" 13
Obsession for his Magical Talisman 5W
Young and Immature 1W
Restrained Lustful Teenager 17
Hate spolite Witchcraft 1W
Fear Passionate Love 17
Fear Darkness Demons 5W
Speak Dark Tongue 13
Read Dark Tongue 13
Ajaxs Pair Fighting 13
Feel Compelled to Act Heroically 17

Others Relationships

Grieves for dead parents and Pelandan relatives 13
Love and respect for his adoptive father Jamal 5W
Recognition for Duke Raus and his court 13
Appreciate Graylor's kindness 17
Friend of Sarger the Sartarite, initiate of Hevduran 15
Master of Trollkin n°6 the Prisoner 15
Has sworn to never abandon Yenda 17
Ally of Kallyr Starbrow 17
Student at Lhankor Mhy Temple in Pavis 13
Egil's Swordbearer 15

Equipment and items


Trollkin n°6
occupation War Trollkin 17

Sarger the Sartarite
occupation Hevduran Initate 17
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