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Timeline Summary:

1605: born
1610: parents killed. Young Kovis is old enough to run.
with father's family, Pelandan
1613: home raided by Jamal
Jamal's adopted son, brought up Carmanian from now on.
1615: Jamal's home is destroyed, they both flee
1617: Arrival in Nochet, meet and join the Legion (Seventh Cohort)
1619: Legion hired to defend Whitewall. Third Cohort destroyed, Legion instrumental in defence against the Bat.
1620: still at WW
1621: early, Kallyr betrays the Legion, they leave WW
1621: see game chronicles! Caravan guards as far as Sartar, then split up. Jamal and Abul travel across Prax to Sun County, helping deal with a vampire on the way. They help defend the Cradle, but are separated. Abul spends some time in the care of Duke Raus, then he and Jamal are reunited. Fire Season, he becomes an adult and get initiated to Hereward during a Legion HeroQuest against Oilamey.

From Jamal's Background:

Jamal al'Kathoum and a guard of Carmanian Hasars were stationed in Tarsh on duty against Grazer raids. On the first night of the Nights of the Crimson Curtain, Jamal was wakened by dreams of his entire families' anguish, just as a detachment of Lunar irregulars burst into his troops' garrison to put them to the sword. Jamal fought hard, but only he and his manservant Abul escaped.

Adopting the mantle of a Humakti and taking the name of Death, Jaran al'Awara (literally, the Great Divider), Jamal travelled south round Dragon Pass and Heortland eventually reaching the Holy County. Only in the teeming masses of Nochet City did he feel safe from the Lunar tentacles.

It was here (in 1617) that he first met Yodi, Dorinda and Brenna, and joined the way of Hereward Truewind, impressed by their commitment to defeat the ways of the Deceiver, and vowed his revenge on the accursed Lunars.

Abul's Background Story:

Early childhood:
Abul al’Kathoum is the adopted son of Jamal al’Kathoum, better known under the name of Jamal bin Jaran al'Wara (literally the Great Divider).
For years, apparently, he was the young, diligent and secretive Herewardi Squire of the Carmanian Hazar.

But in fact, the now grown boy is more than that, somehow representative of the secret turmoil plaguing the Carmanian lands. The reality is well hidden, even from Abul himself, under several layers of tragic secrets, more or less voluntary forgetting and some magical mysteries; an aura that probably touched Jamal when he met the young boy and decided to make him his squire.

The so-called Abul was at first called Kovis, born from an Ulerian wild miracle between Yaazinda Melch’Abukk, a young and fresh woman from an old Spolite noble family and Kimris, a visiting Pelandan entertaining singer. After a passionate secret flirt, the girl, now a mother ran away with the commoner and hid from her irritated family. The scandal was too great to be endured forever by the Melch’Abukk family…

After long researches lasting during all Kovis’s early childhood, it was decided to wipe out the insolent entertainer and his young bastard and to get the girl back to her rightful place. More Spolite witchcraft was hired and gathered; darkness demons were summoned and sent against the young couple.

The demons attacked at night and killed the father while the mother was running away with her only child in her arms: alas, her traditional talisman against Spolite curses, meant to protect her since her birth from the attentions of other noble families, didn’t cover her son, and so the demons tracked her through the child. When it was obvious that there was no safe escape from their pursuit, the mother gave the talisman to the young boy (a careful move unexpected by the Spolite plotters) and ordered him to run for ever. Which he did for the rest of that night and which saved his life. Without the protection of the talisman to identify her, the mother was just another helpless victim for the darkness demons’ savagery.

Within Yaazinda’s family, the witches were blamed for her unwanted death (but what about her soul?), but at least the scandal was over. Cunningly, the word was spread that this murder was purely intentional, thus raising the familial status on the scale for cruelty and determination among the Spolite nobility, although the secret hunt for the bastard son wasn’t over for the failing witches and their demons…

After some adversities, the orphan was welcomed by some of his father’s relatives in the area of Kendesos city, near the Lunar border. His name was changed to a Carmanianized “Abul” and he received the strict order to forget the old one, but also to never remove his mother's talisman.

Normal childhood years passed just troubled by terrible nightmares of the fatidic night sent (depending on acquaintances’ interpretations) either from his fading memories or by the talisman itself as the blind demons were possibly roaming closer to him. From this time, Abul developed his core philosophy “Run and hide away from danger, keep for yourself what you think, explore and discover your foes before they discover you”, making him a quite unusually stern and secretive Pelandan child.

Late Childhood:
Abul could have grown as a typical Pelandan from Kedensos, but at the age of 8, Abul, for some reason, the protective talisman was taken off, most probably by Abul himself. Was he is rebelling ("it must be only a superstition, stupid adults") or careless ("yes you can also wear it my friend") or just listening to new ideas ("real men don't wear feminine spolite jewelery") ? Isn't really clear anymore today, but in fact it doesn't really matter... the important thing is that he made a fault that will later enhance his guilty feeling and fuel his need for silence and forgetting.

Even if the adults around Abul noticed the missing talisman they couldn't correct the situation in time because the Talisman was too far away. So the ever-marauding darkness demons finally found their way to their target, came and slaughtered his relatives, but Abul recovered the talisman in time and escaped again.

Authorities were alerted and Carmanian Hazars, among them Jamal, stormed the place looking for spolite witches and dark demons. Discovering the orphan, Jamal's heart felt pity and the hazar took Abul with him. Frightened and feeling heavily guilty, the boy didn't explained that he was the reason for the terrible event, but just that his magical Talisman saved him. The medallion's magic was powerful enough, Jamal without any more clue from the boy, didn't realize the exact situation. The boy's nightmares were attributed to this dramatic night, and Jamal cared a lot for the boy until Time made its soothing effect.

In the following years, Abul himself tried very hard to forget and ignore this perturbing fault of his, just keeping in mind for his own self-safety and Jamal's one that the talisman should never been taken off again. No new dark manifestation helped the boy to forget and the taboo on the talisman became a routine, life remained as normal. The strange mixture of seriousness, discretion and dedication probably made Abul a squire of choice for Jamal who raised the boy more and more as his own son in strict Carmanian ways. Together they traveled from Carmania to Tarsh and with the fall of the House al’Kathoum from Tarsh to the Holy Country, then to the Praxian city of Pavis.

Once again Abul’s life could have become quite relaxed (at least as relaxed as a mercenary life can be), if the curtain shrouding Abul’s secrets hadn't been perturbed by the new advisor of his adoptive father, encountered at Duke Raus’s court: Lady Jakkanna.
The first time the well educated Spolite lady saw Abul’s talisman, she immediately recognized it for what it was. She requested the teenager to let her have a look at the magical item and she read on it the name of its true owner in Spolite letters: Yaazinda Melch’Abukk.
She then asked the truth from Abul, but the lad was reluctant to say anything other than that the talisman was a real gift, so important to his eyes that he would not let her take it away from him. As he wasn’t renowned for being a thief or a liar, Jakkanna hesitated to report her doubts to her master Jamal, Abul’s caring adoptive father. She knew that the Melch’Abukk was an ancient name with evil connotations from the old feared Spolite Empire, but she was too far away from her country to be able to make discreet inquiries. Anyway, Jakkanna’s questions woke buried memories for Abul/Kovis and his childhood fears are now again back to his consciousness.

Recently, Abul was rescued from the Giant Cradle by the Duke Raus’s guards. He successfully passed his Carmanian B'harVat ceremony at the local Idovanian Chapel with the ducal patronage and he is now considered as a full grown individual, free to make his own decisions. A new situation for a young man with now two difficult legacies: the accepted al’Kathoum heritage and the lifelong Melch’Abukk’s challenge.


As a Pelandan lay member, Abul frequently prays to Father Turos (Lodril) and more specifically Bisos the Bull when it comes to fighting. Not feeling confident with his new sexual appetites for women, he fears more Uleria than he worships the goddess of Love (certainly due to some reminiscence of the tragic story of his parents).

Thinking that the Hereward Herocult could be a real social progression within the Legion, his new family of adoption, and also a clear adapted support to his own permanently menaced existence, Abul just joined the Herocult as an initiate during a major legion HeroQuest.

He is also slowly considering the frightening cult of the carmanian Hum’akt or barbarian Humakt as a possible last chance to save his skin and soul… but still hesitates for such a drastic commitment.


Abul's more or less unconscious core belief is a mix of childhood teachings, Jamal's education and self conclusions and delusions.
1. Because they were in love, his nice perfect idealized parents became the target of the evil Ganesaterus
2. Mother was a fair princess, Father a charming singer. No doubt on that.
3. Genasaterus excited the hate of all witches in Spol, who launched wave after wave of dark demons against his parents to please his malignity.
4. Abul is cursed too, but protected by his mother's love materialized within the magical talisman.
5. Because Genasaterus couldn't find Abul, he killed all the relatives who were trying to protect him
6. Loved ones must be limited, strong themselves and protected by Abul by his own silence and discretion (if he isn't detectable, nobody will be hurt).
7. Jamal is the unconscious agent of Idovanus, sent to protected and teach Abul until he becomes able to defend himself.
8. The Deceiver can be deceived by a strict self-discipline based on inner strength, total discretion and spiritual cleanness.
9. The Talisman shouldn't ever be lost !
10. Nightmares are either personal warnings sent by Idovanus to keep him vigilant when anguishing or clumsy threats sent by a blinded Ganasaterus when panicking.

For observing person, Abul seems to be a calm, social and obedient lad, but in fact he is highly centered on a personal relationship between himself and the dual universe as described in the carmanian philosophy. This delusion makes him able of fanatical moves because he is convinced to be a unique and different from other common persons.
Because in Glorantha, strong wills, whatever the cause, activate magical resonance, Adul may be promised to an uncommon destiny.

Possible current plots:

Now a new perturbation has just arrived when Lady Jakkanna recognized the medallion as a Spolite artefact, by the way certainly reawaking the dormant curse or least voluntary forgotten memories... as a now grown Abul begin to fear more or less consciously.

Initiation to Hereward, more than just a social integration within the Hereward Legion, could be a mean for Abul to also discern between Evil and Good, exactly as I have proposed above for Jamal.

Abul is considering Humakt as the ultimate mean to protect himself against Ganetesarus (for him the source of his curse, as Abul doesn't really know the much more prosaic truth of his background. If Abul initiates to Humakt, he may perhaps (as he understands it now) sever his existence with his past life and then cut the path with his pelandan childhood, thus losing the Deceiver... This plan will probably be activated if the darkness demons re-appear and strike loved ones again.

Jane's comments:
Noted... we could use that as the next bit of Plot, or we may get other ideas.
I can see a few possible plots to play with here. What we need next is something Abul/Jamal-centric that gets us to know the characters and integrate them with
the rest of the group. Ideas...

1) Abul's Hereward initiation
2) demon attack
3) Jamal takes all those Zebra Riders into his new Legion cavalry wing, with Abul's assistance.
4) We take a look at that vampire you killed about a day ago in game time, which seems to have been a "blood" relative of Jamal
5) some interesting mixture of the above
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Comment by LoranAbul
2009-05-07 22:47:33
Let's try a retro chronology...

1621 : Let's say Abul is around 15-16 (already a late age for initiation, RQ3 says 15, IRL around 12, but this can also be explained by the difficulty to organize a correct carmanian ceremony, and thus the importance of Duke Raus there because he is the one offering finally to Abul the chance to become adult)
1617 : Jamal and Abul arrive at Nochet, Abul must be then 11-12 years old
??? : Fall of Jamal's family, Abul is already Jamal's manservant (minimum 8 years old?)
??? : Abul's home raided by Jamal (Abul is 7 or more, an age where the kid can bring some help and is more than just a burden)
??? : Abul's parents killed, Abul is able to run and to keep some memories of the trauma, so I would say more than 3, perhaps around 4 or 5 years old

Abul's birth should be then around 1605-1606.

Abul spent nearly 50% of his life under Jamal's mentoring, this would have probably left a deep impact on Abul's keywords too.
Comment by JaneWilliams
2009-05-08 08:28:36
If Abul is about 16 rather than 15, that makes him closer in age to Yenda (Gavain and I think we can get her back to 16-17). Could be fun?
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