As most of you know, I'm a Finn... I live in a city called Turku, and it could be said I'm a student.

I've got two dependents (called a sister and a brother) and two patrons (called mom and dad). I'm a total city kid... though I used to spend summers in the north with my mom's relatives. Which was fun when I was a teen. Now you couldn't get me to live on a farm with a million dollars.

One hobby you know: Role-playing. I've been gaming since I was... hmm... fifteenish. I got the bug about a year after I got into my little paws the Lord of the Ring, and heard there was a game based on it. From there I've moved into many various other games. My first brush with Glorantha was in a role-playing club with a one shot adventure in Pavis. I played a pavisite thief with some Lunar associations. Didn't know what that meant, but soon found out. Been a Glorantha nut ever since.
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