Below is her introduction, at the start of the Spirit Mine campaign.
We also have her tale as told to the group much later, part-way up the Zola Fel, which summarises the Spirit Mine campaign.
Since then she's spent some time living in Dorastor, adopted by an Orlanthi family, and taught by Vingans.
Now, August 2004, she's nearly 15.


Tabiti is a Pentan, with typical Pentan looks: dark skin, slightly slanted eyes. Her hair is cropped short, possibly with a blunt knife from the look of it, and under the dirt is probably brown. She's fairly small (5'6") and slightly built, but like most nomads has a wiry strength and toughness: she has no problems pulling her weight in the chain gang.

She looks to be in her mid-teens, and in fact is even younger than she looks: only thirteen.

Here's her character sheet.


Tabiti is a member of the Kereit tribe. They are a "Modern" tribe: they herd cattle as well as horses, and worship several "new" spirits as well as the traditional solar ones. In particular, Yesugei the tribal king honours West King Wind, and they have less trouble with the weather than most Pentan tribes as a result. Her father Temujin worships Jardan the Golden Bow, but also North War Wind, and is feared in hand-to-hand combat. The tribe claim to trace their lineage back to Sheng Seleris, though this is doubted by others.

Tabiti has several older brothers, in whom she takes very little interest, and an older sister whom she adores. Felesta is twenty-one and is a Rider: hunter, skirmisher, and devout worshipper of Sun Daughter. Once she has proved herself to the tribe there are several young men competing for her hand. However, Felesta does not approve of the soft modern approach to adulthood, allowing the killing of a mere animal to count as an "enemy". She plans on killing Lunars, and has made it clear that anyone who wants to marry her had better do the same.

Recent History

What Tabiti will tell others of her recent history varies from time to time: she doesn't seem to be very good at lying. The usual story is that she wanted to prove herself just as good as Felesta, so set off on her own across the plains, being caught when she tried to take water from an oasis controlled by Praxian nomads. To anyone familiar with the sheer scale of the Pent steppes, this is obviously a ridiculous distance for a child to travel alone, but it's the only story she's giving.

The real reason she's away from home is her big secret.


At present, her main motivation is to get out of the Spirit Mine and away from the Lunar demons. Preferably killing as many of them as possible on the way. After that her ideas are somewhat vague. She's interested in learning about other "spirits" (deities), displaying an amazing degree of open-mindedness for Glorantha. Any suggestions that she should go home to her family are met with horror.

Her role models are, first of all, her sister Felesta, and then (especially now she's a prisoner of the Lunars), Sheng Seleris. She's a bloody-thirsty child, but has no actual experience of battle to go on. Perhaps once she's seen real bloodshed, her attitudes will change.

Personality Traits (i.e. Virtues and Vices):

At present Tabiti is scared of a lot of things: demons, spirits, her fellow prisoners, anything new (like metal weapons). Her usual response to being scared of something is to attack it: and for her first few days as a prisoner she did exactly that, throwing berserk fits at apparently random intervals. Since then she's more in control of herself, and while her first reaction to a shock will still be to attack, she is far less likely to do so when the odds are obviously hopeless.

She doesn't really trust anyone, that much is obvious. She clearly expects to be attacked or betrayed by everyone she meets. But when someone tries to take an interest in her and protect her, she opens up to them and will try to protect and help them in return. So far Lerman and Ambiorix have put themselves in this category.